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Afraid of the dark: A troubleshooting guide

child, afraid of the dark, under covers in bed using flashlight to peer out at imagined ghosts

Is your child afraid of the dark? Is your child’s fear severe enough to be considered a phobia? Here’s what research tells us about the signs and causes…and how to help kids to overcome their fears.

Preschool number activities: How to introduce preschoolers to numbers

three soft toys served with plates, cups and treats

Teaching kids to count is a good start, but it isn’t enough. Children also need to develop “number sense,” an intuitive feeling for the actual amount associated with a given number. Where does number sense come from, and what can we do to make sure kids really learn the concept of number? Check out these preschool number activities.

Cooperative board games for kids

family playing a board game - grandfather leaning on the floor with two grandchildren

Preschoolers prefer cooperative board games, and these games are well-suited to their developmental abilities. It appears they lack some of the psychological skills needed to make use of competitive tactics.

Calming with electronic media: Does screen time cause tantrums?

father holds distressed infant while both look at a TV screen

When we rely on electronic media to calm kids down, our children may fail to learn crucial lessons about self-regulation. They may also develop symptoms of dependency…throwing severe tantrums when we take their media away.

Newborn sleep patterns: A survival guide

father feeding newborn at night while mother sleeps

If you learn about circadian rhythms and sleep cycles, you can make sense of your newborn sleep, and lay the groundwork for easier nights.