Naps help babies learn and remember

cute baby, taking a nap, smiling in her sleep

Naps help babies learn and remember. In fact, babies may require timely naps to transfer new information and skills into long-term memory. Does this mean we should be forcing our babies to take lots of naps? No. But we should treat naps with respect…and realize that the last hour (or so) before sleep is prime time for learning.

Newborn sleep patterns: A survival guide

father feeding newborn at night while mother sleeps

If you learn about circadian rhythms and sleep cycles, you can make sense of your newborn sleep, and lay the groundwork for easier nights.

What’s normal? An evidence-based baby sleep chart

older infant sleeping in cot, arms outstretched

How long do babies sleep at night? How many naps do babies take during the day? And what about night wakings? This evidence-based baby sleep chart explains the typical range of variation for babies up to 24 months old.