Preschool number activities: How to introduce preschoolers to numbers

three soft toys served with plates, cups and treats

Teaching kids to count is a good start, but it isn’t enough. Children also need to develop “number sense,” an intuitive feeling for the actual amount associated with a given number. Where does number sense come from, and what can we do to make sure kids really learn the concept of number? Check out these preschool number activities.

Cooperative board games for kids

family playing a board game - grandfather leaning on the floor with two grandchildren

Preschoolers prefer cooperative board games, and these games are well-suited to their developmental abilities. It appears they lack some of the psychological skills needed to make use of competitive tactics.

The Mozart effect: The truth behind the claims

young girl listening to music with headphones, eyes closed

Depending on how you define it, the Mozart effect either doesn’t exist, or is a weak phenomenon with an extremely misleading name. But studies do hint that music can make us feel more alert and focused, giving us a brief cognitive boost. It may also deliver health perks.

How to support language development in babies

woman talking face to face with smilling baby while father holds him

Babies possess amazing learning abilities. But to master language, they need our help. Studies suggest we can support language development by engaging babies in conversation, and by providing them with a variety of special cues and communicative experiences.