Spanking children: Why does it happen, and what are the effects?

sad toddler among flowers by Guian Bolisay

© 2010 – 2019 Gwen Dewar, Ph.D., all rights reserved Spanking children doesn’t help them learn self-control or social skills, and studies consistently show that spanking increases a child’s risk of developing behavior problems. But how can we be sure that spanking is harmful, and what can parents do instead when their children misbehave? “Spanking” Read More »

Spanking babies: Is it okay to spank an infant?

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© 2019 GWEN DEWAR, PH.D., ALL RIGHTS RESERVED No, spanking babies is a bad idea. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors rejected it, and so should we. Spanking is an ineffective discipline strategy, and harmful to an infant’s development. Here’s what’s at risk — and what parents can do to set their babies on the right track. You Read More »