Ads, links, reprints, and submissions

Frequently-asked questions

I have a website / product / service that I want to promote. Could you tell your readers about it?

I don’t review unsolicited requests for promotions, and I don’t have time to respond to the many unsolicited requests that I receive. So please note the following before you decide to contact me:

  • I don’t do product reviews.
  • I don’t accept free promotional content for publication on my site.
  • I don’t sell ad space for third parties to publish paid-content articles on my site.
  • I don’t sell text links.
  • I don’t offer free links or advertising.

Can I guest write an article or submit a manuscript for possible publication?

Sorry, no. I do not accept submissions.

I see that you sometimes link out to other websites. How do you select these websites?

I occasionally link to a outside sources if (1) they offer important information that is relevant to the subject matter of a Parenting Science article, and (2) they meet very stringent standards for quality and academic rigor. These links include:

  • Academic, research-based information sites (i.e., the websites of university researchers)
  • Government websites that describe health or safety policies
  • Websites associated with major professional medical organizations (e.g., the AAPA)

Can I reprint one of your articles on my blog or website?

No. My articles are already available online here. If you think your readers would be interested, please feel free to publish a link to any of my articles.

Can I reprint one of your articles in my (offline) newsletter, magazine, or book?

If you are interested in buying the rights for a one-time reprint, you can contact me with the details and I will consider it.